College of Education

Admission to Teacher Education Program Disposition Assessment

Instructions to Raters
The information requested below will be used in determining the teacher candidate's qualifications for entry into the Teacher Education Program. You have been asked by the candidate listed below to evaluate him/her regarding their dispositions for the Teacher Education licensure program. It is assumed that your current or former contact with this candidate provides sufficient information to evaluate him/her in areas of collaboration, communication, scholarship, respect, responsibility, and reflection. If that contact time is NOT sufficient for a rating, please consider further meeting(s) with this candidate so that you can fully ascertain the competency levels of this individual. It is appropriate for raters to ask for documentation by the candidate to prove competencies in areas that may not have been "observed" by you, the rater.

If further clarification for sufficient ratings is not possible, this candidate will be asked by the Office of Teacher Education to secure supplementary disposition assessment ratings from additional raters.

A disposition assessment is flagged for review by the Office of Teacher Education under the following conditions:
  • Any rating of  ''1 - Below Expectations''.
  • A rating of  ''N/O - Not Observed'' in more than 50% of each area.
  • More than five  ''N/O - Not Observed'' ratings overall.
  • Comments indicating areas of concern or improvement not addressed in areas evaluated on the form.

When rating the teacher candidate, please use the following criteria:
  • 3 - Exceeds Expectations: The candidate goes beyond what is required, puts forth maximum effort, and consistently demonstrates effective and outstanding behaviors in the assessed area.
  • 2 - Meets Expectations: The candidate sufficiently meets expectations and demonstrates effective behaviors in the assessed area.
  • 1 - Below Expectations: The candidate puts forth little effort and rarely demonstrates competency in completing necessary requirements and/or effective behavior in the assessed area. Improvement is needed and should be addressed.

This information will be available to the Teacher Education Committee, if needed, and will be available to the teacher candidate for review upon his/her request as it is considered to be part of their academic record.

The Office of Teacher Education sincerely appreciates your participation in this assessment process and ask that you do not evaluate what you have not sufficiently assessed. We request that if you rate a candidate as "Below Expectations" you provide an explanation for that rating.

For additional information, please contact the Office of Teacher Education (, phone: (931) 372-3170

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Rater Email
Rater Title/Position
Relationship to Student

Please rate each item using this scale:

3 - Exceeds Expectations      2- Meets Expectations
1- Below Expectations      N/O = Not Observed

Candidate contributes to group/class activities that promote learning & improve
Candidate collaborates with others to discover and/or solve problems.
Candidate Communicates effectively with others (visually, orally, written).
Candidate actively listens and responds appropriately to others.
Candidate demonstrates enthusiasm for the discipline/subject matter.
Candidate seeks information and engages in discussion about discipline.
Candidate shows respect for diverse needs, interests, and talents of others.
Candidate shows sensitivity to community and cultural norms.
Candidate provides effective leadership.
Candidate completes class requirements accurately and on time.
Candidate accepts and carries out professional activities in timely fashion.
Candidate performs appropriately under stressful conditions
Candidate evaluates the effects of choices and action on self and others
Candidate assesses and responds constructively to suggestions.

Do you think this person possesses the necessary qualifications for admission to Clinical Practice?

Please provide comments regarding the dispositions above if a "Below Expectations" or several N/O ratings were given.